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Jean-Paul Donadini graduated from the Beaux Arts of Troyes in 1971 before graduating from the Beaux Arts of Nancy in 1973 and the Beaux arts of Paris in 1976.

Since then, he has worked and lived in Paris, and exhibited his work in France and cities such as London, New York, Miami, Chicago, Istanbul, Dubai, Seoul, Singapore and Hong-Kong.

Jean-Paul Donadini's style is unique and very recognizable : his great technical skills, academic background and above all, great sense of humor, are a coherent mix that reflects itself in his rare conceptual artworks.


Jean-Paul Donadini est diplômé des Beaux-Arts de Troyes en 1971 avant de devenir diplômé  des Beaux-Arts de Nancy en 1973 et des Beaux-Arts de Paris en 1976.

Depuis, il travaille et vit à Paris et a exposé ses œuvres en France mais aussi dans des grandes villes comme Londres, New York, Miami, Chicago, Istanbul, Dubaï, Séoul, Singapour et Hong-Kong.