JEAN-PAUL DONADINI / De Medicis Gallery


Jean-Paul Donadini / De Medicis Gallery

Regardless of the movement within contemporary art, process and technique translate to scene and sensation. The following works found across Miami Art Week all invoke sustained strokes, be that caked-on smears stretching across a canvas to petite tip-of-the-brush swipes. Altogether, they demonstrate the power of pressing down with various intensities across a mix of media. The definition of the word line—"a long, narrow mark or band" according to Oxford—contains vast possibilities and these works touch upon the diversity of the word.

Jean Paul Donadini-DeMedicis-gallery. Place Des Vosges. Paris

French artist Jean-Paul Donadini makes the importance of brushstrokes most evident in his work "Brosse Arretee Gris Orange." This mixed media on canvas piece, found at the Modus Art Gallery booth at Scope Art Fair, actually contains the brush used to draw forth the vibrant orange smear at its center. Material, process and tools unite to send a meta message about art, within a rather viscerally striking piece.

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