Born  1960 in Marseille , Bruno Catalano knew how to express his talented energy into art since his youth. Autodidact artist but yet very sensible to human being and his causes he succeeds to give to his ideas and feeling forms Under very original unique sculptures. The universal thème of travel and unknown destination still inspires Bruno Catalano If his first Works compact and convetional , stay fled to the éléments of the earth , the series which follows does not cease to acquire in expressivity and in finesse. These astonishing Works , with their dashed bodies and the determinated lack of volume , invite the viewer to mentaly reconstitute its limits. Thus , van Gogh still leaves , his suitcase in his hand , towards the provencial contryside, but it is in a quasi abstract lightness, open to the wind and light , is it not our destinity that bruno Catalano looks to turn us to see and to meditate ? As through his statuary he re enacts the adventure of the human species , as though always between two riverbanks , repelling all borders . When we travel , weleave , even unconscionably, parts of us in the places , our vibrations, sounds, words , don't get lost in the space instead they increase in the place and stay there timelessly

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